One only has to look into how many websites use WordPress to get a vague idea of how powerful this website platform is and how popular website templates are.

Let’s quickly put this into perspective; around 74,652,825 websites depend on WordPress – only 19 countries in the world have populations larger than that. Around 50% of these sites are hosted for free on

According to the latest statistics from march 2016, WordPress is powering 26.4% of the worldwide web, and the figure is rising annually; there are 500 new sites being created on WordPress every day. WordPress is the most-used CMS and as such has 59.4% market share, which is in excess of 37 million websites; a totally astounding figure when one takes into consideration that over 70% of sites worldwide do not use a CMS.

One of the most common fallacies about WordPress is that, because it is open source, it is neither suitable nor good enough for big brands. This however is not true, as one can see by some of the big-brand websites that use WordPress, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy, People Magazine, National Geographic, Forbes; CNN, Mashable, and eBay also all run their blogs on WordPress., Enterprise Magazine UK, The Rolling Stones, Justin Timberlake, Usain Bolt, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review Blogs, Boise State University, AMC’s Walking Dead,, Open.NASA, IGN, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, Digg Blog, eBay Blog, Ford, Samsung, Wired, Playstation, Network Solutions, Mozilla Firefox, VW’s Think Blue Blog,, TechCrunch, General Electronic (GE) and Yahoo! also all use WordPress.

Some of the reasons why WordPress is so popular are:

  • The keyword “WordPress” itself receives in excess of 500,000 exact match searches every month;
  • WordPress-related keywords score 37 million searches per month
  • WordPress can be translated into 40 different languages;
  • There are 29K plugins on WordPress with a new one being added virtually every hour;
  • records 126 million unique visitors per month; streaks ahead of Amazon which gets only 96 million;

So, at the end of the day, so many businesses use WordPress because it is the best, open-source or not!

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